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Choosing the right Bermuda shorts and shorts for men

The shorts and Bermuda shorts are a staple in any man's summer wardrobe, especially when June arrives. Surviving the heat of the summer months is important, but shorts and Bermuda shorts are also a great opportunity to dress in style. The goal of shorts Pentagone is to combine these two elements and to combine comfort and aesthetics in their products, which we have done with success! However, given the wide variety of options, it is sometimes difficult to decide which model is the right one. The following sections provide an explanation of the classic styles offered by Pentagone.

Classic styles of Bermuda shorts and shorts for men

If you are very classic and appreciate a loose and comfortable fit, the branded straight Bermuda shorts Levi's are a perfect choice. They are loose at the buttocks and thighs, which avoids discomfort, they go down to the knees and offer the quality and durability of Levi's. If, on the contrary, you appreciate a more fitted cut that you can wear on all occasions, the denim Bermuda shorts from Blend are an interesting option. They are more fitted to the thigh without being tight, and give you the option of rolling the trims. They have the advantage of being made of a stretchy material, which makes them more durable and improves their comfort. 

Our most comfortable options 

If you are looking for more relaxed shorts or Bermuda shorts, which offer a higher level of comfort, you should consider the “jogger” type or branded Bermuda shorts Lois. The joggers are made with a blend of cotton and polyester, which makes them very elastic, allows free movement and offers a soft and comfortable material. These two options do not require a belt for adjustment at the waist.

Our capris for men

Looking for shorts or Bermuda shorts that go below the knee? Capris for men available at Pentagone will be perfect for you and offer a unique style! Choose a cotton capri if you are looking for a piece of clothing that pairs perfectly with a polo or an shirt or a linen capri which will be extremely light and comfortable to wear. 

Our cargo style Bermuda shorts

Pentagone brings you Project Raw brand cargo Bermuda shorts, which have all the benefits we expect from cargo pants. They have multiple pockets, the option of adding a belt and are made of a blend of cotton, polyester and nylon, which makes them very solides and durable. They are the perfect choice for outdoor activities and pair perfectly with most t-shirts or short-sleeved shirts.

How to find the perfect shorts or Bermuda shorts for you

As for pantsThere are some measurements you need to know to determine which size shorts or Bermuda shorts will fit you like a glove. Start by measure your hip circumference and waist circumference.

Hip circumference is the measurement of the fullest part of your hips, which is usually level with the bones in your pelvis. Waist measurement is the measurement of the narrowest part of your waist. These two measurements are used in the size chart Pentagone, which is available on all of our product pages.