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Pentagone offers the men's shirts the best adjusted on the market! All of our shirts are carefully crafted from premium, easy-care cotton, breathable linen, stretch blend and flannel, for all-day comfort. Whether you are looking for a relaxed button down shirt for the weekend, a game night with the boys, or a cozy date night, our long sleeve and short sleeve shirts come in slim, fitted and athletic cuts.

Looking for a stylish shirt for the office, an important video call, a formal wedding or a special occasion? Do not look any further! It's time to check out our time-saving, easy-ironing shirts, crisp white shirts, stylish black shirts, classic blue shirts, understated check shirts and floral shirts, available in slim fits, fitted and athletic and in short, tall and regular lengths to suit all male figures. 


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Men's short sleeve shirt

Whether it's casual outings, parties, dinners, or other events that require a more chic look, the short-sleeve shirt is a versatile piece that is suitable for all kinds of occasions. Browse our wide selection of short sleeve shirts for men, in a wide range of styles. Choose from men's shirts in basic black or white, or opt for a variety of prints in fun colors to express your unique look. 

Long sleeve shirt 

There are an impressive number of style options for men's dress shirts. While this means that every man should be able to find a fit and style that suits him, it can be overwhelming to get lost in all of these details.

To make the right choice, several criteria come into play. The fit, of course, but not only that. The choice of material is also important, as is that of the collar, the color or the patterns. So many elements which, placed end to end, give the shirt a style all its own.

Today, wearing a long-sleeved shirt is more about style than ever. To choose it, you must first be interested in its cut. It must, on the one hand, suit your morphology, and on the other hand, seem comfortable to you.


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