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Women's dresses Pentagone

Is there a better feeling than getting up on a summer Sunday morning, putting on a dress and getting ready to start your day? Dresses are one of those most versatile pieces of clothing for women - they can be both a perfect sundress for an outing during the summer months or a long dress that will get you noticed at a party or meeting. business. Pentagone is proud to bring you a full line of dresses for women, with dozens of length, collar, color and pattern options. Whatever your needs, we have the perfect dress!

Light dresses and summer dresses

Summer dresses are characterized by their thin material and lightness, which make them a perfect garment for the months of June and July. They are available in light or dark tones and can be long or short: if you are looking to stay cool, go for light tones! These dresses are great classics of the summer season, you can wear them for most occasions. Choose items like an open back, buttons or zipper, a built-in belt and more. Don't miss the floral or striped summer dresses from Pentagone of the 2021 season!

Dress dresses

Dress dresses are also very versatile and can be suitable for many occasions. They can be long or short, colorful or more classic: there is something for everyone! Fitted dress dresses hug the body and accentuate the natural curves of the wearer. You'll also find options with long sleeves, off the shoulder or off the back and more. Whether for your work day or a professional event, these dresses are a perfect option!

Wrap dresses

These dresses add a unique element to your outfit! They naturally give an elegant, chic and refined look and are suitable for all occasions: wear a black wrap dress for a night on the town or striped for a more casual look. This look is found in several styles of dress, for example summer dresses.

Choose the dress length you are looking for

An important aspect of any dress, whether chic or casual, is its length. They are usually separated between short dresses, which end around mid-thigh, and long dresses which sometimes go down to the ankles.

The most sought after dress patterns

Pentagone offers you the choice between several types of patterns for the material of the dress, ranging from floral to striped through the faux leather effect. When it comes to summer dresses, floral patterns are a staple and truly represent the return of good weather. If that's not your style, stripes are another great option! Not only do they enhance the aesthetics of the dress, they have a slimming effect. Find a perfect dress at Pentagone today!