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More about our sweaters for women Pentagone

If you are looking for a garment that will serve as an extra layer, you are in the right place. Our sweaters Pentagone are the perfect piece of clothing to combine style and comfort, no matter the weather or the season. Wear them once and you'll be convinced: few things are as comfortable as a kangaroo, a hoodie, or a large mesh sweater. Discover the variety of sweaters offered by Pentagone here, keep reading to learn more about our different designs and styles! 

A sweater for all occasions

The diversity and dozens of options that sweaters offer are what make them a must have for most wardrobes. Combined with pants, our floral print sweaters or our draped neck sweaters will give you a sophisticated look, which you can wear in a professional or social context. Even our sweaters Pentagone simple or turtleneck can be worn in a variety of contexts: what could be better than a versatile garment!

You will find several sweaters with turtlenecks, high necks, long or ¾ sleeves as well as different sweaters in lightweight materials perfect for slightly warmer temperatures.

Choose the material that suits you!

The material makes all the difference when it comes to the comfort and look of your sweaters. Our cotton knit sweaters are durable and will keep you warm on colder winter evenings, while our lighter polyester sweaters are great for warmer temperatures or as a base layer. Find everything you need for the cold or warmer seasons at Pentagone! 

Colors and patterns

Sweaters Pentagone are available in many different colors, patterns and prints. Floral print sweaters are a classic, which pair perfectly with jeans or leggings. If you like striped sweaters take a look at our sweater Only striped or our sweater pentagone proudly made in Quebec! Many of our knit sweaters are naturally patterned, allowing you to have patterns on a uniform color. There is something for every taste!