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11 men's fashion trends for fall / winter 2021

11 men's fashion trends for fall / winter 2021

Not everyone is passionate about the clothing trend in autumn and winter. Some people just think of keeping warm without really caring about the style and fashion of the day. However, with a little research, you can create beautiful outfits without spending a fortune even on days when it is minus ten degrees outside. To do this, stay on the lookout for new trends and focus on accessoiries that will accentuate your look. 

Guide for men's fashion trends for fall / winter 2021

1. Streetwear: trendy men's outfits

The streetwear style is quite random and casual. It's the perfect style for going out on the town. This year the plaid coat and the must have of the season. It's an essential asset to stay fashionable without feeling cold when the temperature drops. You can wear it with a shoulder bag in which you will keep your personal belongings: your wallet, your Or other. 

Choose wide pants and ankle boots to complete your look. Other streetwear combinations like a denim jacket, a sober patterned sweatshirt and chinos will also work for fall days. Streetwear fashion is flexible and everyone can adapt it to their style. For example, you can replace ankle boots with sneakers.

The bomber is also popular in the streetwear style. To stay warm this winter, you can wear it with a hooded sweatshirt. During the fall, you can afford the Destroyed jeans


2. Oversized: for a classy and comfortable men's style

Coats and oversized blazers replace streetwear staples like bombers. To have a gentleman style, nothing better than to trust these warm clothes with an elegant look. Underneath, wear a turtleneck sweater with a jacket. Tapered pants will go very well with the ensemble to accentuate the chic side of your outfit.


3. Leather gloves: a men's fashion trend to stay warm

The leather gloves have always been part of the male fashion during fall and winter and this trend is not about to change. You can wear them with any outfit as long as you choose an understated color. We recommend classic tones like black or brown. Leather gloves adapt to several different styles (vintage, streetwear, elegant, etc.).


4. Boots: for an authentic men's dress style

Boots are one of the fall / winter trends for men. However, you have to know how to choose the pair that will highlight your outfit. Have you heard of the casual boots (Dr. Marten style)? They are distinguished by their thick sole and high design.

Thanks to their considerable height, these ankle boots are ideal for walking for long periods in the city. They are ideal to complement your streetwear look. Some models in smooth leather and velvet can also blend perfectly with your work outfit. In addition to bringing a touch of elegance to your look, these shoes will keep your feet warm thanks to their thick sole.


5. We want red

This winter and fall 2021, the Red is the trendy color. In terms of men's clothing fashion, several major fashion houses offer all-red sets in their parades, highlighting different styles. The pants with straight cuts and slightly wide are at the rendezvous with a hooded jacket


6. From brown to beige: vintage or smart casual?

Among the fashionable colors this winter and fall, sandy shades are making a comeback. These shades are suitable for the 70s style and for men who prefer a chic style. Here, we forget the monot sideone sober shades that are often dark. We give a little lightening to his outfit by choosing beige tones.

You can also dare the various assortments to bring more authenticity to your outfit and assert your personality. For a streetwear look, opt for a jacket, jacket or coat in brown leather. Wear this outfit with blue jeans and a gray sweater. Put on your boots and you'll be ready for a city trip with your friends.


7. The scarf: the accessory that makes the difference

In addition to offering you additional protection against the cold, the scarf accentuates your outfit. It's'accessory essential for fall and winter. Here are some tips for wearing a scarf:

  • For a streetwear style: Opt for a light scarf in contrasting colors. Red, black and white checks for example. Let the accessory hang over your shoulders or throw only one side back.
  • For a classy outfit: Thin models will be your best allies. You can choose them short or long. Thread the scarf over your shoulders without rolling it up. However, if it's a bit cold, wrap it around your neck.
  • In casual mode: Turn to tube scarves. This season, fashion favors red.   


8. Style "Preppy", a must-have this fall

American students' way of dressing in the 50s style "Preppy" has left its mark in the fashion world. This trend returns this year in the winter / fall collections for men.

This look is characterized by the following pieces:


9. The cardigan

Streetwear fashion enthusiasts will not forget to pick up a cardigan for this season. As the trend this season favors oversized models, cardigans that reach mid-thigh are preferred.

Here are some winning combinations:

  • Cardigan, t-shirt, jeans
  • Cardigan, shirt, chino pants
  • Cardigan, fine knit sweater, shirt, jeans


10. The pants lois

Le pants lois is part of urban fashion. It is a piece of choice for adopting the streetwear style. Trousers lois is distinguished by its straight cut neither too wide nor too tight and by a high waist. Originally designed in jeans, this male clothing has evolved over the years.

Today it consists of softer fabrics such as cotton, polyester, Viscose or spandex. These pants can be worn with almost any clothing: knitted sweater, jacket, cardigan, coat or sweater. In terms of color, beige, blue, brown, black, and grapes are to be favored this season.


11. Chino pants

Le chino pants is one of must have for this fall and winter. Passepartout, this fashionable garment is done in all clothing styles: streetwear, class, chic, hipster and casual. This piece goes with an oversized coat or a blazer. The Chino pants can be worn with different shoe designs: moccasins, ankle boots and even sneakers. 


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