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How to choose the perfect coat for your figure?

How to choose the perfect coat for your figure?

While the nights ofwinter are approaching and it's dark earlier, we know the dreaded drop in temperature is on its way. So now is the time to put away your fall jackets and get out your big winter coats. While most people have their winter coats favorite that they have been using for years, the time will come when you will have to buy a new one. However, buying a new coat is a pretty big investment so you need to make sure you choose it.

One of the main factors that plays a role in the type and style of coat you should buy is your body type. Each body shape requires a different type of coat due to how it hugs and fits your body. The aesthetics you want to achieve also plays an important role. To help you find the perfect coat, we've created this guide.

What is the most flattering coat for your figure?

If you know your body type, you are already on your way to figuring out which coat styles will suit you best. While your aesthetic and style will undoubtedly influence the type of coat you are going to purchase, your silhouette You will also be able to determine what types of coats will naturally look good on you.

X shape

If you have an X-shaped figure, it means you have a larger chest and hips that are in perfect proportion as well as a smaller waist. The waistline is what you should be looking to accentuate. To achieve an aesthetic that highlights your waistline, you should look for a coat with a belt. This allows you to tighten and adjust the belt around your waist giving you a stylish appearance.

As for the coat length, if you have an X-shaped body type, longer coats will be your best friend. Ideally, you want a coat that comes to you just below the knees. If the coat sits on your hips, it will make them look wider than they are. Long, belted trench coats are the best option for the X-shaped figure. Here is an example coat for form X.

Form A

Body shapes in the A-shape have wider hips as well as a smaller waist and chest. These people also have narrower shoulders. Since your hips are generally wider, you'll want a coat that won't draw attention to that part of your body. In addition, you will want to make your shoulders narrower.

Those with an A shape should think about body balance when trying to find the perfect coat, like thereof. You want to find a coat with features like shoulder pads and a double-breasted collar to make your narrow shoulders bigger, as well as find a coat that's longer or flares from the waist. Long, flared coats will create the illusion of thinner hips.

Form O

An O-shaped body type is a body characterized by broad shoulders and narrow hips. Those with an O shape have a less defined waistline than individuals with an X or A shape. People with this body type have extremely enviable legs, which you'll want to showcase with your coat.

Unlike previous body types in which long or three-quarter coats are preferred, for those with an O-type body, shorter coats are ideal. This way you can keep your upper body warm while showing off your legs. The best coats for those with O-shaped features are either an A-line coat or a aviator coat.

V shape

People with a V-shaped body are very similar to those with a triangle-shaped body, so this information will work fine for both body types. They both have wider shoulders as well as hips and waists that are narrow with less definition.

The goal here is to balance your features and take the gaze away from your wider shoulders. To do this, you'll want to find coats that tuck in slightly at the waist, like flared coats. It will also help if the coat has eye-catching features on the lower half, such as embroidery or pockets. A flare coat is the perfect option for those with a V body type!

Rectangular shape

Those with a rectangular body shape tend to be tall and have all body parts the same width, creating a rectangular appearance. When it comes to buying coats, those with a rectangular body type are in luck, because virtually any style looks good on them.

However, if you want some advice, we recommend going for a coat that can enhance your waistline and give the illusion of definition, as this is something that people with rectangular bodies lack more than anything else. This depends on your personal style, as you can wear a bulky oversized coat just as well as a cropped, fitted coat.


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Small shape

Those who are petite in shape tend to be individuals with more inconspicuous characteristics. Just like tall people, shorter people also have more freedom with the types of coats that fit them well.

While they look best with small, cropped coats, if they can find one that sits mid-calf to them, this could also be a great option. If you want to appear taller then a longer coat is the right choice. In revanche, if you are looking for a style to accentuate your upper body, a short coat is a good option.

Tips for choosing the perfect coat for your body

While body type is a key factor in finding the perfect coat, it's not the only factor. Here are some additional tips you may want to consider when purchasing your next coat:

  • Way of life : The lifestyle you lead is important to consider when choosing a coat. If you spend your days on the farm or in the countryside, a haute couture coat won't be practical.
  • Trends : While it can be tempting to keep up with the latest celebrity trends, we don't recommend doing so. These people have the money to buy new coats every year because the fashion is constantly changing. We suggest you go for a classic style that will last for years and is not likely to go out of style quickly.
  • Location : You have to really think about where you are likely to wear your coat. The climate plays a big role here. If you plan to travel to freezing climates, but live in a relatively mild climate, you may need to invest in a bulkier and warmer coat.
  • Sex : Depending on whether you are looking for a coat for men or for women, this will play an important role in the types of styles that are ideal. Although this article focuses primarily on women's coats, there is also a wide range of men's coat styles.

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