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How to dress according to your figure?

How to dress according to your figure?

Each feminine silhouette has its own characteristics according to the distribution of curves, the size of the chest as well as the balance between the shoulders and the hips. To highlight the shape of your body, you have to choose the clothes that serve to refine each type of silhouette.


How to dress when you have an A-shaped silhouette?

It is the pear shape or inverted pyramid with buttocks and thighs wider than the upper part of the body. The size can be thin or thicker with a smaller or smaller breast depending on the person. Your splendid assets are your feminine forms and your dress style must highlight the upper body to create a certain balance.


How to highlight your silhouette in A?

You can go for an hourglass shape by putting on loose tops and tight jeans. To create balance, you can wear v-neck or heart-shaped tops or boat necks. In any case, it is the upper part that should attract the attention by playing with the proportions or by choosing models with open backs. You can also dare with attractive patterns and bright colors.

For the bottom, choose dark colors with pants that lengthen the silhouette reaching to the floor, wide pants or A-shaped dresses that blend perfectly with your figure. Waist jackets, princess cuts that reach mid-thigh or wide coats as long as they are short highlight the shape of your body. If you like accessories, you can wear chunky necklaces that reach all the way to the chest and earrings, no matter their size.


Our selection for a dress style adapted to your figure  


How to dress when you have a V-shaped silhouette?

It is the silhouette in inverted triangle, very athletic with the shoulders wider than the waist. Your main asset is your beautiful legs and it is therefore this part of the body that you should highlight the most while trying to refine your shoulders.


Our advice for clothes that conform to the shape of your body

When choosing your outfits, try to create a balance in each outfit. You can opt for straight cut pants or dresses that are inverted V. Skinny jeans and short skirts are your best friends.

Fitted tops don't go with your figure, so opt for v-necks with skinny jeans. For the bottom you can wear patterns and ruffles, but for the tops try to be as simple as possible.


The essentials of the V-shaped silhouette 


How to dress when you have an X figure? 

This silhouette, commonly known in the hourglass shape, is the most balanced. The two upper and lower parts of the body remain proportional while being separated by a slim waist. 


The best dress style for an X-shaped body 

When wearing a dress, make it follow your pretty curves to show the contour of your body especially those that emphasize the waist by cinching it. Bodycon dresses and A-line dresses are ideal if you want to show off your lower body.

Short sleeves, those that reach to the elbows or even flowing can go very well with your figure. Favor necklines that are V, plunging or sweetheart which will highlight the upper part of your body.

For jackets, the classic trench coat, fitted blazers and jackets with an elastic waistband adapt perfectly to your size. Belts that tighten your natural waist are perfect for your figure, you can add them to all your flowing and loose clothes.

For pants, high-waisted jeans and some low-waisted styles that hug the hips, or skinny jeans and leggings are great for highlighting the curves of your hips. If you are an accessory lover, necklaces will suit you just like handbags and small clutch bags.


Our special V-silhouette selection 


How to dress when you have an H-shaped figure?

For this rectangular shape, the arms and legs are the best assets to highlight. This silhouette differs from that in X by the size which is much less defined and rather straight. Your clothing objective is therefore to accentuate your curves.


Our tips for highlighting your H-shaped figure

If you are athletic, you can highlight the part of your body that you like the most in each outfit. To try to refine the waist, belted tops can match you perfectly. Tops that show off the upper part of the body with sweetheart necklines or sleeveless sweaters will look great on you.

You can add A-line jackets, jackets or coats and ¾ sleeves that will only enhance your style. In all cases, it is necessary to highlight only one part of the body to create balance. If you have a small breast, dare the necklines which will be sensual. If you like dresses and skirts, you can go with a variety of cuts, but go for dark colors and vertical stripes.


The essentials of your wardrobe 


How to dress when you have an O-shaped silhouette?

This morphology is characterized by balanced shoulders and hips with nice curves. It is a feminine silhouette and the challenge in choosing clothes is to hide certain curves while emphasizing your strengths.


Our tips to enhance your body 

Tight clothes are generally best avoided, but dresses and tops that are flowy while hugging the body are great for you. You can highlight your small bust with square, V or boat necklines in case of generous bust.

Long, straight blouses and shirts that stop at the thighs can go perfectly with your body type. Monochrome styles and subdued colors are your best friends, especially paired with high heels, as are high waisted pants with straight cuts to encompass your butt and stomach.


The dress style that adapts to your figure 

  • Fluid dresses 
  • Long blouses and blazers
  • High waisted jeans like this Levi's jeans
  • Square neckline


How to dress when you have an I-silhouette?

The I-silhouette looks like this H-shaped one, with shoulders and hips that are the same width, but slimmer. The goal in the choice of clothes is to create the illusion of a more pronounced waist in order to hide the triangular shape. You can do this by opting for long tops accompanied by shorter jackets.

The dresses and skirts with flared waists as well as the ruffled cuts perfectly hug your figure. Avoid stripes and loose clothing, and always wear your tops over the pants.


Our selection to highlight the shape of your body 


How to dress when you have an 8 figure?

This morphology is similar to the X-shaped silhouette with more shapes and volume. Your sartorial goal is to highlight your luscious shapes by opting for necklines and waisted or rather fluid tops that hug the curves of your body.

Highlights are useful for softening your body shape. You can also dare various models of dresses whether they are fitted, flare, fluid or wrap. For pants, opt for high-waisted, straight-cut models. If you want to showcase your bust, V-necklines will be all the rage.


The essential clothes to highlight your assets 

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