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Can we shop online at the Shops Pentagone?

Can we shop online at the Shops Pentagone?

La quiet revolution had recently impacted Quebec society, when in Rimouski the Boutiques Pentagone have seen the day. Since then, Pentagone has dressed generations of Quebecers for 46 years. It is this spring 2020, that  Boutiques Pentagone embarks on the adventure of online purchase. 

Shop Pentagone in the 90s

Here is one of our teams of sales consultants at the end of the 90s in Rimouski.


It was in 1974 when the first boutique Pentagone was inaugurated at Place Saint-Laurent, in downtown Rimouski by Charles Albert and Jean-Guy Ouellet. Mode F-17, Löv, Pentagone et Pentagone express were the banners that marked the first days of the store, which also distributed private brands.

Specialized in particular in jeans, this Quebec clothing company for men et woman has always distributed jeans from reputable brands. This process opened the door for him to gradually develop his own private label denim brand. Pentagone ou ONE. 


Shop Pentagone with Tommy Hilfiger and Levi's
A shop Pentagone at the end of the 90 years. Levi's and Tommy Hilfiger in the collection. 

At a time where shopping online in Quebec seems to be one of the reasons for the bankruptcy of local merchants in the face of international competition, which offers online shopping as the first tool for the customer. Pentagone continued to stand out with unparalleled service in the boutique where the client is warmly welcomed as a neighbor of the neighborhood.

It is precisely this quality that customers seek today in a highly technological world where individuality and solitude are more present in each of the daily activities.


The strategy of Pentagone to continue to build customer loyalty is not just about focusing on personalized and trendy customer service. Pentagone believes that the development of a fully designed collection and developed in Quebec, is not only one of the keys to contributing in another direction to the local economy, but also for reducing the impact of actions linked to imports.

Also, the collection of clothing made in Quebec which grows each season comes to meet a need expressed by the clientele which is more and more aware of environmental issues.

In recent years, Pentagone bet for the local production of clothes. Under the label "Made in Quebec", locally made products are part of the collection.


  • Why we can't fonline shopping area in Pentagone? - Francine F.
  • I would like to know if you offer the online ordering service? - Sophie D.
  • Hello you should have the online ordering service, a suggestion. - Melanie B.
  • Do you plan to offer the online shopping soon? - F.Cyr
  • When are you going to put online purchase ? Stephanie S.


First website Pentagone
The first face of the website Pentagone in 2005.

These are only a few messages that our
Quebec clothing company received from customers. With customer satisfaction at heart, Pentagone finally began the process of Online Store in order to meet the needs and requests of its beloved clientele!

So from home to home is our new reality. Our news shop is online! Its address will be the large web network. Here we are in this new adventure which makes us proudly remember the countless experiences that we have lived and that we still have to live in the shoes of our dear Quebec customers!

Pentagone is proudly from here and now is also your shop to buy online when storm and blizzard are raging near you. Shop Pentagone is proudly regional and now proudly transactional.

To buy online:

Transactional website Pentagone

New transactional website Pentagone: Of with us at your place!


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