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Our favorite material this summer: TENCEL

Our favorite material this summer: TENCEL


What is Tencel?

Tencel, also called Lyocell is an ecological material sometimes nicknamed "vegetable silk". This material is composed of wood pulp such as eucalyptus and bamboo, crushed in a non-toxic solvent. This product is therefore considered green. These deciduous trees which regenerate quickly, are not cut for the manufacture of Tencel, it is only the bark which is used.

This fabric, loved by everyone who has tried it, is breathable and durable. It is particularly appreciated on hot summer days!

Its manufacture

Made from natural fiber, Lyocell is therefore more resistant than synthetic fiber. In addition, Tencel naturally regulates perspiration which gives it a good ability to neutralize odors.

Our clothing in Tencel

This year we have several pieces in Tencel or Lyocell, if you prefer. 

Women's Tencel Trousers

 here jogger style pants, an essential piece for summer. 

 Tencel blouse

Promote the long sleeve blouse as a top for colder days. 

Tencel / Lyocell shorts

Le Tencel shorts, size identical to the pants, the perfect alternative for a "summertime" look while comfort.

To discover the complete collection, click here.

 How to wash clothes in Tencel?

The fiber of this material washes very well in the washing machine, we prefer cold water. Of course, it is important to wash clothes with light clothes to avoid unwanted stains. 

You are now in the scent of this brand new feminine collection! All you have to do is embrace the trend ...

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