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Can I wear patterns in winter?

Can I wear patterns in winter?

Using and combining clothes with patterns is a trend that allows you to take advantage of whatever you have in your wardrobe. You can give new life to your favorite clothes by combining them with patterns.

However, although it may seem simple, combining the patterns correctly requires a few tips and tricks, especially in winter, as you wear more layers. In this article, you will learn everything you need to know about wearing patterns and winter fashion!

Is it okay to wear patterns in winter?

From early fall to late winter, plaid prints are becoming very popular regardless of size, color or texture. Renowned brands such as Burberry and Desigual have demonstrated this in their latest collections.

Do you like daring outfits? In this case, you can add shoes with animal patterns, lines or floral prints. Wearing patterns in winter is totally okay and it can make you stand out from the crowd too! You just need to know how to properly combine your clothes so that they form a harmonious whole.

If you want to join the winter pattern trend in a more understated way, you can combine the patterns using accessories, like patterned stockings under a long printed skirt, or floral pants with striped socks.

Can we wear flowers in autumn and winter?

The floral print is very common and can be worn in any season! The trendiest way to wear floral is to put aside the mini print and make way for prints that stand out in size and color. Winter doesn't have to be cold and dark! You can wear floral prints to lift your spirits. Brands like Carolina Herrera showcase floral prints in their fall and winter 2021 collections.

How to wear floral prints in winter?

You can combine floral dresses with black ankle boots and denim jackets to add modernity and creativity to your look. If you like classic looks, a skirt with chunky flowers and a white T-shirt will be the perfect outfit.


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How to mix the patterns?


Whether it is a bucket hat animal print, a geometric print belt or a bag with a brand logo, it is also possible to achieve incredible combinations of contrasting prints. For example, if you have a leopard dress, you can add a plaid hat or a bag with geometric shapes. It is advisable to invest in accessories with trendy prints so that you can mix them with your everyday pieces and create new outfits.

Combination of striped prints

These are classics, so dare to play it your way and don't worry too much. You can mix them as much as you want, just make sure they are in the same color scheme. For example, you can choose vertical striped pants and a horizontal striped top, as well as patchwork boots, and you have a great outfit!

patchwork fabric

It is a trend that is more and more popular. The patchwork is a combination of endless textures. It is recommended to choose clothes such as coats, knitwear, jackets or pants that feature patchwork, and at the same time combine this garment with a piece of linen that balances your look. For example, if you are wearing an outfit where all the clothes are black, you can play with patchwork style shoes to complete the outfit.


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Top tips for wearing printed patterns

Depending on the shape, size, and color, using patterns can feel like adding a few extra pounds, so analyze the visual illusion that each pattern creates for you. Here are the best tips for using patterns:

  • Printed clothing always attracts attention. Think about which part of your clothes will get the most attention. When using printed clothing, make sure that the rest of your image is more subdued or minimalist.
  • You can add volume to the parts of the body you want to highlight, and vice versa. For this, avoid using patterns to visually increase the volume in some zones where you don't feel completely comfortable with your body.
  • If you wear a patterned garment, you can always combine it with other solid color garments.
  • You can use several patterns in the same garment: lines with circles, or squares with dots. The secret is to pay attention to the consistency of the color and size of each design.
  • It is recommended to wear plain clothes according to your professional field. However, some patterns are so subtle that they can be considered classic clothing.
  • Buying basic clothing with classic prints, like gray striped pants, is an investment. If you buy a lot of clothes with trendy prints you will follow the trend, but when it is gone you probably won't wear those clothes anymore. Avoid buying too many trendy clothes.
  • Garments with woven patterns, such as patterns made from yarns, are high quality garments. You can also find drawn patterns, which only have the pattern on one side. High quality designs are those that have prints on both sides. Always invest in the best quality!
  • The formality of the patterns is as follows: from small to large, points, lines and then squares.

Winter wardrobe essentials for 2021-2022

Thinking about how to update your winter wardrobe? Here are the winter essentials for the 2021/2022 season:

Checkered clothing

This year, checkered clothes in gray tones (but also in Scottish tones, for the more traditional) are really everywhere. For some odd reason, although they've been trending a number of times over the past few decades, they have the power to instantly elevate your style and most importantly, modernize any look. From pants our robes, going through the blazers and coats, the possibilities are almost endless.

Shoes and boots

Since the winter season is yet to come, we recommend that you experiment a bit with the new models, perhaps choosing a model in a color that can be combined with most of your wardrobe, which can be worn with pants as well as skirts and dresses.

The idea is to play with your imagination. This year, black pointy or animal print ankle boots are very popular. Neoprene sock boots are water resistant and perfect for showcasing a thin ankle. They are very versatile, because they go well with dresses, shorts, pants and also with narrow pants.


Why not renew your wardrobe with a new one chic bag? If you want to make a purchase that is not only classic but also trendy and can be used for (almost) all seasons, why not go for a bag bourgogne ou leather / cognac This year? These are two trendy colors. Plus, when winter is over, they'll be easy to combine with other fall and spring clothes ... and they'll never go out of style!

Animal print dresses

You've probably seen several of them in stores. When you walk into a store these days, it sometimes feels like walking into a zoo due to the amount of animal fabrics and prints. An animal print dress can not only modernize your wardrobe, it is also easier to combine than pieces such as tops, blouses, skirts or pants. Another advantage is that you can wear these dresses even later in the season: under warm winter coats in neutral tones, but also under woolen sweaters.

Floral prints

It's a popular trend in recent seasons and it's not going to go away this winter. You can expect to see floral designs everywhere this fall and winter. Maybe it's because we miss the radiant flowers we see in spring and summer a bit and want to take them with us! To compose a trendy fall or winter look with floral designs, it is best to focus on robes, skirts to sweaters and camisoles, which can easily be combined with the rest of your wardrobe.


A wide and soft scarf will be one of your best allies for this winter 2021/2022. This season you can choose it in any shape and wear it as an extra accessory, wrapping it around your neck or over your shoulders. It's trendy and it will keep you warm!

Vegan leather gloves

A pair of vegan leather gloves with a soft interior will keep you warm at all times. Not only are they comfortable and durable, but they are also very easy to combine with any color, texture and style.

White clothes

From shades of frost to creamy white, this color remains timeless. In the new season, you will surely see people wearing outfits in just one color: head-to-toe white, or almost all clothes in white. If you wish, you can add a little pop of color to your outfit by using accessories such as a toque.

Down coats

What would fall and winter be without a good down jacket? Well if you still have the one from last year you can take it out again and if not it's time to buy one. These down coats are ideal for the cold, as they have different characteristics, from thinner to thicker, and many colors (dark greens and blues are always a good choice!).


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