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Men's blazers and jackets

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Sport blazer Projek Raw
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Choose your blazers and jackets for men 

Jackets and blazers are one garment that will become the centerpiece of your look, so it's important to choose one that will match your clothing perfectly and help you project the image you want! Pentagone offers you a selection of jackets and blazers that will be appropriate for casual looks or a semi-formal look. Whether it's just to stay warm on a cold morning or to make you stand out, we have the jacket for you!


Our different styles of blazers and jackets

It is important that your blazer is a good fit with your clothing, especially when it comes to jeans or denim blazers! We offer several loose fit models that will be comfortable and easy to wear on a base like a sweater or t-shirt. You can even go for minimalist looks using a simple white t-shirt or more flamboyant with printed t-shirts.


Pay attention to the color!

Always pay attention to the color of your jackets or blazer: try to take a tone that will match the rest of your clothing! Lighter tones, like our jeans jacket Pentagone in pale blue, would be perfect for the “denim on denim” look when wearing jeans of the same color, or for warmer weather. Choose darker tones for colder weather!


Casual or semi-professional?

If you are looking for a blazer that would be suitable for several different occasions, the blower Projek Raw slim fit could be the perfect choice! Its design allows you to wear it with a shirt for the office or a professional context but it also coordinates with a more casual style, for example for an evening at the restaurant.


Our sport blazers

Our sport blazers are an interesting option because unlike our other jackets and blazers, they have a hood! The sport blazer Projek Raw even features a detachable zippered hood liner, which will keep you warm in the cooler months. Want to go to a dressier event? Simply remove the liner and you're good to go! Choose between a solid tone and a checkered pattern, depending on your preference.

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