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Women's camisoles

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How to choose a camisole for women

Shopping for new clothes for spring and summer is not always easy, and camisoles for women are no exception. It is one of the most diverse pieces of clothing, with dozens of styles, materials, and patterns available to shoppers. However, this diversity of camisoles is an opportunity: they are a perfect opportunity to stand out and show off, no matter the occasion or the place. 

To make the best choice possible, it is important to consider the use of the tank top and your size, but also which style best suits your image and your energy.

Find the right size

As a central part of your clothing, it is important that your tank top looks perfect when you are wearing it! Like many other pieces, camisoles can be chosen using three measurements: bust, waist and hips. You will find our size guides Pentagone on our product pages.

The best camisole fit for you

Camisoles are regularly separated into three major cut categories: fitted, semi-fitted and relaxed.

  • The fitted camisoles are a tight fit, which will conform to the curves and shapes of your body
  • Semi-tailored fit still hugs the body without being tight
  • The relaxed fit is loose, generous and is the fit that offers maximum comfort

Size will be especially important if you are going for the slim and semi-fitted cuts. All these cuts are found at Pentagone in a multitude of different colors, patterns and styles! 

Women's camisoles Pentagone

Women's camisoles Pentagones are available in many different colors, patterns and styles. There is something for everyone!

Camisoles stand out with the onset of warm weather and summer vacation, so they are associated with good weather! Here are things to consider when shopping for a tank top.


The neckline refers to the section of the garment around your neck going down to your throat. Whether you like v-neck, round, tie-neck, zipper or stand-up neck, Pentagone in the tank top you need! Choose from our different models of necklines the one that will complement you the best. You can also find elements like a lace border on the neckline that can enhance your style, for example by emphasizing your neckline!


We all have a preference for suspenders. The thin straps give a feeling of freedom to the wearer and will be less hot on hot summer days. Wide straps will be more durable and provide better support.

The colour

Color is an essential element for any piece of clothing! It will be dictated by your use of the camisole: are you looking for a relaxed camisole to spend time outside or a more chic camisole suitable for more formal events? Darker colors or white would be appropriate for the second option, while bright colors would be perfect for the first! 

Also, you could opt for patterns rather than color. Floral patterns are always a good choice since they represent the arrival of warm weather and spring. Discover our different patterns Pentagone!

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