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More about our cardigans for women

Cardigans are a safe bet! They are both comfortable, stylish and can keep you warm during the winter months or between seasons. They come in an array of styles and fits, so you can find the perfect cardigan to complement your look. Whether it's for quiet evenings at home, a business meeting, a day at school or a dinner with friends, discover the different cardigans offered by Pentagone!

Our long and short cardigans

Long cardigans from Pentagone are perfect for the off-season! Their length allows you to stay warm without suffocating when temperatures change during the day, and they're a great middle ground between cozy and chic! Options like our long cardigan are light and soft, and look great with pants or a dress. For colder weather choose our knit cardigan with pockets! Its thick knit will keep you warm and suitable for any occasion.

If you want a short option, look no further! Our bolero Pentagone ¾ sleeve will go perfectly with a dress or skirt, and pair well with a base like a camisole or a women's t-shirt. Find the model you need at Pentagone!

Opt for a cardigan with buttons

A classic look, button cardigans are a must have in today's feminine wardrobe! They are great to use on a base like a sweater or shirt, or on their own. They are available in short or long models: if you like knits, go for our knit cardigan buttoned at devant.

Our cardigans can be chic or casual

Simple clothing like jeans and a t-shirt can instantly be upgraded by adding a cardigan! Take the opportunity to stand out by adding a touch of color, for example our fluid cardigan Pentagone available in pink and yellow! Another option is to use a knit cardigan, ideally that ends just past your waist, to unify your clothing and give you the look you are looking for.

Make no mistake, cardigans can also complement a chic or formal look wonderfully! Wear a dress with a short cardigan to accentuate your figure or go with length if the temperature is colder, the effect will always be perfect!

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