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Capris Pants for Women | Pentagone

The capri is a piece of clothing that has always brought a unique style to the wearer, in addition to being very functional. Our capris Pentagone give a relaxed, cheerful and stylish look, or a professional look. When you pair them with the right top or sweater, women's capris will become your ultimate summer outfit! Take advantage of our recommendations to make your life easier when shopping for women's capris at Pentagone! 

How to choose your capris for women?

Capris are a perfect opportunity to stand out and enjoy a style that never goes out of style!

Pentagone offers you styles of capris that can suit many occasions or activities as well as different materials! Our different models can match many different clothing, whether it is a sweater simple, one blouse a little longer or a jacket. Everyone can find something for themselves!

Are you looking for fitted or flowing capris?

Our fitted capris are tight around the leg to the end of the pants, a few inches above the ankle. They offer the advantage of lengthening the leg and give a longer, tapered silhouette following the line of the leg. They give the best possible effect when worn with a sweater, blouse or short jacket, which would accentuate the figure, and high heels. 

If your style is more towards pants ample, Pentagone also offers fluid capris. These can give a dressy and feminine effect in addition to being comfortable: take them black so that they go well with most sweaters or other tops in your wardrobe!

Choose the material of your capris

Our capris are available in materials such as jeans, denim, cotton and rayon and nylon blends, which offer a stretchy and comfortable fabric. Choose which material suits you best according to your tastes and the use you are going to make of it: a colored capri cotton could be the perfect piece for small and big occasions, otherwise you might go for a stretch capri dark for the office, business meetings or just more formal occasions. Our capris in jeans are also a timeless classic!

Choose comfort with our pull-on size capris!

These capris have a lot to offer: their stretchy and flexible material gives you the ultimate in comfort without sacrificing style! Their waistband allows you a perfect fit and support at the level of the belly and their adjusted cut offers the same advantages for the figure. Choose from a selection of patterned pull-on capris, in color or in a jeans-like finish at Pentagone!
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