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Shorts - women

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How to choose women's shorts, Bermuda shorts and capris

With the arrival of good weather, it's high time to stock your drawers with shorts and Bermuda shorts! Pentagone offers a wide selection of products that are perfect for the summer season and for different occasions. Whether you like the classic look of denim shorts, look for a high waisted dressy skirt for dining out, or something comfy to just relax on, Pentagone has the shorts you need!


Skorts are a two-for-one: they combine the aesthetics of a short skirt with the freedom of shorts. The skirt-shorts Pentagone come with an elastic waistband, which allows for a snug fit and pairs well with a more refined style.

High waist shorts

High waisted shorts are popular during spring and summer and complement a multitude of outfits well. They are available in many different materials, such as denim, cotton and many more. Whether it's short high waisted shorts that show off the legs or long ones that cover better, Pentagone has what you need for the summer season!


Few things give a holiday look like Bermuda shorts. This style of shorts is often of a longer cut and they are great for accentuating the natural curves of the body. They are available in many different materials and offer an array of options: roll them up, take them with tears or a single color, the choice is yours. They usually come down close to the knees, are looser at the waist and tight at the thighs, which naturally leans the wearer. Classic style!

Choosing the right material of women's shorts

Choosing the right material can make a world of difference when wearing your shorts or Bermuda shorts. Depending on the use you plan to make of it, Pentagone offers different options like denim, “sweatshirts” or “joggers” and even in material like lyocell. 

Denim is a popular choice year after year and seems to resist changes in fashion. Denim shorts are available in many varieties and different colors and can match different styles. These are a more casual choice: pair them with a simple t-shirt or camisole and voila! If you are looking for maximum comfort, the jogger style shorts are a natural choice. Otherwise, you can go to our other comfortable models like our loose lyocell shorts ou belted shorts with pockets.
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