Women's jumpsuits Pentagone

Jumpsuits are a timeless alternative to the dress, which capture the attention of women all over the world. It is a very popular piece of clothing that lends itself well to several different styles: have a relaxed and free look thanks to a loose leg jumpsuit or chic with a fitted jumpsuit that will go perfectly with accessories! Dozens of different designs are available, which can make it difficult to decide, but don't worry: here are the things to keep in mind when shopping for a womens jumpsuit!

How to choose a combination

As always, choosing the perfect combination will be dictated by what you want to do with it: Do you need a versatile jumpsuit that you can wear for any occasion or an elegant and formal jumpsuit for those? events like weddings or parties? Pentagone has the perfect womens jumpsuit for all occasions!

Our dress jumpsuits

These are a more practical and often more comfortable alternative to dresses or suits. We offer several black suits fitted or loose at the level of the legs which are a sure value for all occasions. Try our sleeveless dress jumpsuit, which will highlight your shoulders, your earrings and your necklace as well as your hairstyle! Its integrated belt highlights your figure and cinches your waist, which is perfect for loose pants. 

We also have models that include details like lace or mesh as well as openings on the back. Everyone can find something for themselves!

Our casual combinations

You will find combinations for all tastes at Pentagone and in a variety of styles. Do you like sleeveless jumpsuits? We offer several different sleeveless and even strapless, loose or fitted leg options that will give you the look you are looking for. Go even further with options like our mesh sleeve playsuits or lace sleeves, which are good options in the warmer months.

Our striped jumpsuit will be perfect for your afternoon outdoors with your friends or for a trip to the beach! Its loose fit with open shoulders and wide leg as well as its fluid fabric ensure you are comfortable without sacrificing style.