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The best way to show off your outfits on Instagram

The best way to show off your outfits on Instagram

Instagram is the ideal platform to show off your outfits. Thanks to the hashtag "look of the day" and the "story" format that you can use on Instagram, you can show your outfits to all your friends and family in an easy way. However, the problem that many people run into is how to take the perfect outfit shot. If you post on Instagram, you are probably taking photos of your look on your own with your clever. 

Taking a selfie of your outfit is an art, and while it's not too difficult to master, many people find it difficult. After all, there are a lot of things that go into capturing the perfect shot. You have to think about the lighting, the backgrounds, your pose and, of course, the outfit you are going to wear. In this article, we guide you on how to take photos of the perfect outfits for Instagram. 


What to wear for Instagram photos

Before you even think about taking a picture, you should first think about what you are going to wear. If the outfit is going to be the star of the show, you're going to have to live up to it. Here are our tips for choosing the perfect outfit for taking fashion photos on Instagram!

Think about the season 

Dressing for the season is a great way to capture people's attention on your post and celebrate the holiday spirit. For example, if Christmas is coming up, you can show off your ugliest Christmas sweater, while if it's Valentine's Day, you can show everyone what you're wearing for a romantic night out. 

Showcasing outfits that match the season will allow your Instagram profile to follow a logical order with indicators of the time of year each photo was taken if people take a quick look. It also gets you into the holiday spirit, as you can choose backgrounds and accessories to suit this theme, ensuring that your outfit is perfectly on-trend.

Follow the trends

Keeping up with the latest trends is a great way to make sure your outfit wows your followers! Obviously, don't go into buying a whole new wardrobe and don't stray too far from your usual style, but still take inspiration from the trends of the moment. 

If you don't consider yourself particularly up to date with the latest fashion trends and don't know where to start for your outfits, we recommend taking a look at Pinterest. By looking at Pinterest, you'll get a good idea of ​​what's popular right now, and you can use that as inspiration to create your own outfit. 

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Choose a color palette

Having a color scheme for your outfits can make them look more polished. Most outfits follow a natural color scheme anyway. But, if you find that your outfits are inconsistent and a little too awkward, it may be because you are trying to use too many colors at once.

The best way to overcome this problem is to stick with one or two main colors. For example, black and red go very well together, or blue and orange. You can really experiment until you find a combination that you like and that works for you. You can even try wearing a one-color outfit. With the right accessories, you could create an impressive outfit. 

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How to pose for outfit photos

Photography isn't everyone's strong suit and one of the most important parts of getting the perfect shot is making sure the subject strikes the perfect pose. When you take pictures of yourself, it is more difficult because you have to set up your and sometimes leave it unattended. Also, you cannot adjust your pose as the photos are taken. 

It helps to know what works and what doesn't while the photos are being taken, but you don't have that luxury when taking photos on your own. Here are some tips and tricks you can use to make sure your poses are successful and that you look stunning in your photos.

Head to toe photo

Taking head-to-toe photos is the best way to take outfit photos because it allows you to have the entire outfit in the photo. However, it can be difficult to know how to pose for a full body photo. Since the angle of the camera comes from the ground, you need to make sure that you are looking upwards so that your neck is elongated and that you don't have a double chin. 

Moving photos

Taking photos while walking is a great way to effortlessly capture a candid photo. If you want to take a photo of yourself walking or running, be sure to take very slow steps and take the pictures using the burst function. This is a great trick that will allow you to capture every frame and every little movement to get the perfect shot. 

Angle of your body

Knowing how to orient your body will be your greatest asset when posing for photos. This little trick will make sure that all of your photos will look professional, no matter how you take them. Just turn your body ¾ turn while looking at the camera and you will achieve the most flattering look imaginable. This is the ultimate trick to getting the perfect Instagram pose. 

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3 tips for taking amazing Instagram photos 

Have the perfect outfit and posing aren't the only things that go into taking an outfit photo. There are also other things you can think of to make sure your Instagram profile is as engaging as possible!


Lighting is everything when it comes to taking a good photo. If you take a photo on either side of the spectrum, whether it's too bright or too dark, you just won't be able to see the subject properly. 

There are optimal times of the day that you should try to take your photos. For example, if you can take a photo during the sunset, you are almost sure to get the perfect lighting to make your look stand out!

The background

Getting the perfect background is essential if you want your photo to be presented well. As we mentioned earlier, if you are taking a seasonal photo, you may want to consider taking a photo with a background that highlights the season. For example, a Christmas tree as Christmas time approaches or a pumpkin patch in October can help create a perfect photo concept.

 Zoom in on the details

While the goal is to showcase your outfit as a whole, some outfits are done so perfectly that even a focus on a singular detail can convey the essence of the ensemble. Therefore, every now and then when taking outfit photos for Instagram, you should zoom in on a few details. 

Taking detailed photos of your outfit will add a bit of variation to your feed while also highlighting some unique pieces that you were looking for an excuse to show off. If executed well, these photos can be extremely artistic and unique, just what you are looking for in an outfit photo. 

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