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Spring-summer 2021 women's fashion trend

Spring-summer 2021 women's fashion trend

Fashion is a field that is experiencing a lot of change and topicality. Large dressmaking houses work hard to make their proposal every year with a new collection that adapts to new trends and consumer preferences. 

During Fashion Week in several cities around the world (New York, Milan, London, Paris, etc.), various celebrities and brands meet. Following the health crisis of 2020, this spring-summer 2021 brings with it this need and this desire for renewal and makeover.

Spring-summer 2021 promises to be varied and explosive, several shades are needed, ranging from pastel to lively and supercharged colors. The color palette has all the sparkles for a summer filled with color and pretty looks.

Trendy colors for spring summer 2021

Pastel shades are popular this year and bring out tired features. This pastel trend is also associated with streetlooks. Over the seasons, the powdery pink is a color that can be combined with several styles. For an evening or a wedding, this color can be worn on a suit or pumps. 

For a more casual look, you can wear a pink cotton t-shirt and pair it with a pair of jeans. If you want to add dynamism to your outfit, go for accessories: a scarf, a round bag or other. One thing is certain and that is that in 2021 pink will be everywhere in all its shades: powder pink, candy pink, fuchia, etc.

Le pale yellow is also bringing its touch of color this season and making an appearance in seaside trends. About the purpleis the ubiquitous color of the season.

Several shades are available for spring-summer 2021 women's fashion trends, namely: beige, nude and peach. At the same time, supercharged colors like pink are seen during Fashion Week in several fashion houses.

To complete the look, there are two trendy summer colors taking over: the candy pink and orange pop. These are generally used for accessoiries.


Floral camisole for womenLined dress


The program for the 2021 season obviously includes the essentials as well as the prints. The Flower Power et striped print offer us an explosion of colors that move us away from dark tones.

What are the trends for spring-summer 2021?

Summer is one of the most anticipated seasons, with clear sunny skies and of course the holidays. New trends are born to break the melancholy of winter.

This year, there are trends for all tastes, ranging from understated outfits to pastel colors. The fashion of the 70s and 80s resurfaced in 2021 with puffed sleeves, babydoll dresses and palazzo pants.

Spring-summer 2021 fashion merges pop colors, robes longues, wicker baskets, ruffles, prints and style mixes. 

Puff sleeves

Spotted on the Fashion Week catwalks, puffed sleeves make their way into the wardrobe and add an elegant touch to our favorite pieces. It's a trendy winter season piece that's here to stay. 


Sophisticated minimalism

Sophisticated minimalism is for people who love sleek, understated looks. For this, you have to choose natural materials (linen or cotton) and refined colors (white, beige or brown).  

The crop top

This spring-summer, the crop top is considered a flagship piece. Known and having marked fashion in the 90s, it is found again in our wardrobes this year. The crop top appears in the form of a sweater, t-shirt, or cardigan. It is usually worn with high waisted pants or fitted skirts.

Palazzo pants

With its high waist, its vaporous fabric and its wide legs, the palazzo pants adapt perfectly to all body types. It can be worn both in classic outfit or in casual outfit, it adapts to all occasions. Suitable for work and for parties, palazzo pants highlight any silhouette.


Summer dress Karv model LiraWrap dress


With its puffed sleeves and flared cut, the babydoll dress is a must-have for the season. It is mostly worn with espadrilles to break up its romantic side. The ruffle dress and the wrap dress are also highlighted this year.

Babydoll dressFloral dress with ruffle


Animal prints

Zebra, snake, leopard, the animal print is available in several designs. There are those who dare to wear a full printed look while others prefer small touches and accessoiries (handbag, sweater, pants, boots, etc.).

Leopard print sweaterSnake pattern belt


Tulle, organza, cotton veil… Lightweight and transparent fabrics are used to make long vaporous dresses or delicate tops with thin straps. A romantic bohemian look, both sexy and poetic, which brings out the charms of feminine beauty without revealing too much. 


The disco trend 

Like a desire to celebrate life and a return to normalcy, the disco theme is taking pride of place this spring-summer 2021. On the program: silver, sequins and lamé effects. To adopt sparingly to bring glitter in your life or all-over for a totally assumed look.

What are the trendy shoes and accessories for spring summer 2021 fashion?

Small shoulder bagLined beach bag

Many accessoiries are in fashion this spring-summer 2021: jacket, kaftan dress, pendants, belts or even hair scarves.

Caning is back on shoes and bags. In the shoe department, there are several types: dad shoes, cowboy boots that go beautifully with summer dresses, flat or low-heeled sandals, flat-heeled mules, etc. 

For Jewelry, and referring to summer, vacation and the sea, many people prefer pearl jewelry, seashell jewelry, and surfer necklaces. The return of necklaces and pendants is announced by offering beautiful colors. 

Given the current state of health, and given the importance and the obligation of wearing a mask, it is necessary to reveal that for the hats this season, there are not too many. 

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