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Spring-summer 2021 men's fashion trend

Spring-summer 2021 men's fashion trend

After the pandemic, creators had to reinvent themselves to use their art and catch the eye. Some have chosen the virtual and storytelling while others have opted for parades in the middle of nature. Between looks inspired by the outdoors or sport and others that reflect comfort with loose cuts, spring-summer 2021 men's fashion is resolutely optimistic.


What are the main men's fashion trends for Spring / Summer 2021?

The major trends in spring summer 2021 men's fashion are distinguished by the different cuts, inspirations, prints and colors. The designs change from contemporary, to casual, to sport, to classic. We have gathered the men's fashion trends that marked Spring Summer 2021 fashion week.


The bomber



Le bomber is one of the key pieces of men's fashion trends for spring summer 2021. The base of the bomber is characterized by a ribbed collar, slanted hand pockets and for some models a zipped pocket on one sleeve. 

As always, the designers bring their own personal touch, ranging from cropped 70s bomber jackets from Gucci, to minimalist models by Prada and Hermès and classic satin bomber jackets from Philipp Plein.

The casual suit

Casual suit


Le Costumes is the armor of the modern knight. It's a classic piece, but one that keeps popping up every year with new designs. This summer 2021, the costume returns with slightly wide cuts, in fine fabric, without lining, without interlining and in all colors, even unexpected ones like pink or bright yellow. Its design is less and less strict, the costume is rather casual. 

Statement shirts

Statement shirts


Turnkey shirts folded, crumpled or tucked in like at Dolce & Gabbana and Hermès with classic shirts cut in voluminous trapezoidal shapes like at Wooyoungmi, the statement shirt appears among the spring-summer 2021 trends for men. It can be worn alone, over a t-shirt or with a tank top.




This year's men's fashion reveals a clothing trend with an aesthetic borrowed from the world of work with pieces utilities, multipocket and functional. These pieces seem to evoke the clothes of construction workers, mechanics and even soldiers. This trend incorporates multi pocket pants, jumpsuits, safari jackets, etc. It can be found among others at Gucci, Balmain, Dior, Lamaire, Jacquemus, etc.



(Source) & (Source

The trend of jogging or sportswear is making a strong comeback on the catwalks. The confinement of last spring made this style an everyday ally that can be worn both in town and at home. The jogging can be worn as a total look like at Balenciaga or associated with other pieces like the pleated pants by Issey Miyake.


Kimonos for men


Spring summer men's fashion also includes the kimono which is punctuated with Japanese details to pay homage to its origins. The kimono appeared in the form of shirts and in the form of a jacket made of fabric or jeans. Many brands have adopted this look like Martine Rose, Dunhill and Ambush. 

Bermuda shorts

Bermuda shorts for men


After the XXS shorts from last summer, it's the in shorts which proclaims itself this year as the must-have piece of the season. Its cut is wide and falls just above the knee. We found it in natural color and with large pockets at Dior, in blue at Gucci and in fir green at Boss.


What are the trendy colors in men's fashion for spring summer 2021?

Several colors have been used this season in spring-summer 2021 men's fashion such as pastel, neon, navy blue and some acid touches. Here are the colors that marked the catwalks of fashion week this year:


Bright colors

Trendy men's clothing in bright colors

(Source) & (Source

We are talking about young lemon, neon yellow, neon pink, cherry red, electric green, tangerine orange, etc. However, the dominant color in the catwalks is yellow which has been adopted by Louis Vuitton, Dior and Hermès. Other designers have chosen to mix colors with each other just like Donatella Versace. 

Flowers and prints

Floral and printed men's clothing


The return of prints has strongly marked this season. These are prints of vegetation, tropical plants or flowers. We see these patterns on pants, shorts, shirts and jackets. This look has been used by Kenzo, Celine, Tom Ford, Louis Vuitton, Burberry, etc.



Pastel men's clothing


Men's fashion for this spring summer 2021 used pastel with variations between sky blue, mauve, lilac and candy pink. Soft and soothing tones that we found at Versace and Hermès.

Navy blue

Men's clothing navy blue


Burberry, Boss, Balmain… many brands have opted for nautical accents with the sailor top, the signature piece in mind. This piece is timeless, with its white and blue horizontal stripes it goes with almost anything. The stripes can also be worn as a shirt or a structured tank top.


What accessories have marked the men's fashion trends for spring-summer 2021?

Here are accessoiries who dominated the catwalks of this spring summer 2021 men's fashion season:


Le sac

Men's fashion accessories - The bag

(Source) & (Source

The trendy models of spring-summer 2021 men's bags are diverse with each designer opting for a different style and color. We find the Givenchy crossbody bag, the Fendi baguette bag, the Armani banana bag, the Gucci tote bag, the Bottega Veneta cassette bag, etc. 

Tap dance



The tap dance are back this season with the tap / sock combo that never disappoints. Some designers and houses have used this combo like Boss, Dior, Versace and Fendi.

Seat belts

Men's fashion seat belts

(Source) & (Source


Turnkey belts with woven straps reinforced and secured with clips and resistant safety clasps have appeared in different looks and houses like Bottega Veneta and Dior. These belts refer to outdoor sports and extreme sports. They add high-end appeal to clothes with an urban edge.


Which men's fashion pieces to invest in to align with spring-summer 2021 trends? 


La jacket is a piece that can be worn everywhere, all the time! The denim jacket made its appearance during fashion week by Louis Vuitton and Burberry. The jackets are considered temperature regulators that is why they are suitable for all seasons.

Pants and jeans

The pants are diverse this season, between the belted pants in tucked-in mode as at Hermès, the extra large pants found at Armani and the multi-pocket pants as at Balmain. We do not forget the denim pants of course!


This summer 2021 is synonymous with t-shirts tucked in with jeans or fabric pants. Despite being perceived as one of the oldest pieces in existence, the t-shirt remains the go-to piece for almost every season of every year.

Cuban collar

The Cuban collar, recognizable by its rounded and relaxed shape, is certainly back among the spring summer 2021 trends. It can be found at several designers such as Versace, MSGM and Y / Project. You can opt for a shirt printed or a polo came home with jeans.

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