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T-shirt for men Pentagone

It's a fact, t-shirts are a staple of any wardrobe. Whether long or short sleeve t-shirts, colorful or plain, it is the most common and widely used piece of clothing. However, just because they're very common doesn't mean they're unimportant - the right t-shirt complements any clothing item and helps you project the image you want. To help you in this objective, Pentagone offers plusieurs t-shirts of various models, colors and designs. Discover the perfect men's t-shirt for you!

How to choose a men's t-shirt

Finding the perfect t-shirt isn't always easy, but asking yourself certain questions while shopping could make your life easier! 

What color of t-shirt looks best on you?

You should decide on the color of your t-shirt based on its use. If you are looking for a simple or basic t-shirt to use as a first layer, for example underneath a jacket, go for more classic tones (white, black and gray). If you are looking for a piece to wear by itself, for example with a pair of Shorts, you can go for brighter colors or even printed t-shirts. Pentagone offers a wide range of colored, patterned or printed t-shirts: there is something for everyone!

Do you prefer long or short sleeves?

Long and short sleeves give you plenty of t-shirt options to choose from. They each have their advantages, for example long sleeves can bring a casual style to your outfit and are a warmer option than their short-sleeved colleagues. However, they should be avoided if you want to grow taller: short sleeves would then be a better choice!

Find the t-shirt model that represents you

There are several models of t-shirts, some very classic and some newer, which can be suitable for any occasion. If you are looking for something simple or understated, a classic colored short sleeve t-shirt would be perfect. You just need to choose which elements are to your liking: V-neck, round neck, front pocket. If you are looking for a piece that will catch the eye and leave an impression, look to our printed t-shirts from brands like Levi's, Point Zero et Blend. These t-shirts have eye-catching and colorful designs that actively participate in the image you give off. If you would like to have color but avoid a wide design, consider t-shirts with a printed pocket.

Pentagone also offers t-shirts with mock collars, button collars and short-sleeved shirts.

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